Cool chalet. Nice people :)

THEY THOUGHT I WAS SEC 2. THANKS MAN. I’m older than most of them :( HOW SAD WAS THAT.

Cousin’s birthday and they helped even though they are guests.

I like looking at life form their perspective. They went through a lot.

And when they came, they came in this huge group. Mostly wearing black. Aunty Melody and I were so scared. Lol.

L is younger than me by 1 year T_T He looks older than me by 2 or 3 years. Ad the ones are almost 20, look like sec 3s.

I have friends like them but I’ve never seen so many in a place before. Cousin wanted to invite 100 over but Aunty said she can only invite 70. ONLY 6 GIRLS SHOWED UP, WTH.

I came back at like 12am going 1.

Going back tomorrow. MUST RIDE PONIES. Is it expensive?


4 thoughts on “Hi.

    1. Hahaha! Cousin’s birthday party! Her boyfriend is the soon-to-be head of the gang when that head I mentioned, goes to ite. 1/2 of the guests are all from the same gang lah! Then a few from another gang, lol.

      1. No, she doesn’t approve. But she can’t do anything. My cousin is at the stage where love is ‘everything’. But my aunt makes friends with them so she can keep track of my cousin, lol. Hahaha! Maybe next time! Then intro you the the entire gang, haha.

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