So last Sat I went to volunteer in Woodlands again. ALONE :( ‘cos three of them got something. Thought I would not be able to handle them but surprise for me. Three new kids. A sec 1 express girl, Yeelin, sec 2 NT boy, Zhenxian and his brother a sec 1 NT, Zhen-something(I AM SO SORRY. WILL ASK AGAIN AND FORCE IT INTO MY LTM ON SATURDAY). They were so quiet. I forgot to ask what stream they are in before I gave them something to do and I gave all three express/NA english -______________- But lucky for me, they are very motivated to do it :)

Zhenxian: “You in university now?”

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHA. FIRST TIME I TELL YOU LOL. He said he thought I was in university ‘cos I was teaching them.

Zhenxian: “At first, I thought you were going to study with us.”

Okay, I am more used to this, haha. Second time since I volunteered. And he said my eyes are huge and that I’m short for a 17 year old.

Wanted to go to Moberly Cafe and have dinner with Serena. Met up with Glenn ‘cos we don’t know the way and he has nothing to do(no life HAHAHAHA). It’s was closed in the end……… So Serena and I went to City Vibe, Uncle Sam’s. I keep telling myself never to go back there but I always do.

I went back to SP again today.Movies with Jamie. Haha, damn budget. Anyway, watched Spirited Away(I used to be freaked by it when I saw the lead’s parents got turned into pigs. And I would be TERRIFIED if my own parents were to turn into pigs.) and Made of Honor. No prizes for guessing who chose which movie.

I found the Koi in Clementi. But the queue was like 50 meters long so I gave up.

I went through some of my baby pictures today. Aunty said my eyes used to take up half my face that I looked like a frog :( I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A FROG :(


That NEVER fails to make me laugh. Anyway, he still looks retarded to me now. And he is. Forever and always.

Which reminds me that last year, there was this trend where suddenly everyone started scanning their baby/childhood pictures and posting them on their blogs. All around the same period. Hmm.


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