They celebrated my birthday with me in advance.

After looking at my disastrous results, I got kind of depressed, lol.

Met up with Junxiong and Glenn in Vivo. We watch Resident Evil: Afterlife. I know it’s a zombie show but I only watched Resident Evil, the first one and that was like, 8 years ago! IT WAS LIKE WATCHING A HORROR MOVIE.

This is L4D2 on a big screen.


And I didn’t know it’s an NC16 movie.

Had Mac’ for lunch ‘cos Glenn wanted to eat double fillet. ALL ‘COS IF HIM. Took a bus to West Coast RC to play poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. I love pool.

Walked to Jalan Mas Puteh then, Kuning to play on the swings.






When Glenn was taking this photo of his phone, he put his phone on the floor and then he laid down to took it. WL LOL. Oh oh, and Junxiong has NEVER gone on a swing before so I had to teach him……………….

Well, there is a first time for everything HAHAHA.

Walked to Clementi, saw the crazy Koi queue and gave up again.

Opened the present they gave me and, lol. I was hoping it was a fake until Junxiong told me the price, lol. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!

Yep, Agnes wasn’t here today ‘cos she couldn’t make it :( WAS DAMN SAD, OKAY.

Yesterday, I brought Kaiyan to my grandmother’s place :) Played chess with cousin(10 years old) and I won!!!!! I am not bullying, alright. He was the one who thought me chess. My shifu. A 10 year old, omg, I am such a failure.

Goodnight :)


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