Went back for tcp.

Met up with Mandy, Glenn and Selwyn. Went to say hi :) I FOUND YAXUN, LITING AND KIM <3

Went to help out for The Trip. Saw Juncheng and made friends with Yong En(I wanted to put the two together but Yongen looks like a word. Reminds me of yoghurt. NEVER MIND) So we helped them out a little bit.

I really miss TCP camp. Although the activities are the same, the results out were different.

I love TCP camp 3. Seriously, the friends are made there are awesome people. GATHERING THIS SATURDAY. I LIKE :)

Oh, while I was in ourspace, a friend called to meet ‘cos he was near my house to collect his specs. COULDN’T MEET HIM ‘COS I WAS IN NGEE ANN. I am so sure there will be a next time after I break his specs and he will have to come get a new one HAHA. He is one of the best friends I miss.


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