TCP camp 5.

So I went to help out from 19th to the 21st, which was yesterday. I would love to describe everything but I think I can remember all of the great ones really well.

Random order, please.

1. I met people like, Kaisheng, Clement, Roysten/Royston, SK, etc.
2. Found out Yerron is a SUPER SUPER LAME PERSON but still very funny.
3. Did all the prep for everything the campers are going to it. It really is different behind the scenes.
4. Did data entry of some of camp 3’s surveys.
5. Clement shared with me a recipe I will never forget but it’s really sweet and makes me very hyper after that.
6. Kangling and I make a great team :D
7. Stan’s my ‘step brother’.
8. SK is from NEA.
9. Gossip with the volunteers.
10. THE. FOOD.
11. Nick did a rap with my name in it -_-
12. Threw someone in jail for flirting, not paying up the interest rate, acting cute, bribery, too pretty, etc.
13. Three people from team New Zealand bluffed me that they are half Korean.
14. Meals  had with all the volunteers. It was seriously one of the best parts.
15. Yerron is 30 years old, has 2 wives and 7 kids. From the money he got from the government, he bought a lorry for his family. No house.
16. Other gossip with Clement.
17. Made friends with people from my course, Kat, Vincent and Jasmine.
18. Kaiyun brought her daughter with her on the last day, Laura. Best part, she told me to babysit her! :D
19. People, like Shaun called me a pedophile. Shaun and Yong En couldn’t come back for this camp :(
20. New mentors of Team Singapore and Vietnam.
21. I cried during the skit again &$#&$*(#&%(*#
22. Yaxun, Glenn and Mandy came to find me and their mentors on day 1 :)
23. THE. PRAWNS. Clement and I kept fighting for it, hee hee.
24. Collecting debts with Kangling and Stan :)
25. Clement taking a picture of Joon and me.
26. Felicia, Jean and Junze came over to give jellies and team USA’s gift to Monica :)
27. Monica cried T_T
28. Always the first few to eat = You can get the most out of every food.
29. Looking at the campers’ face when they passed by  table C.
30. They must hate me for always blowing the whistle when they stepped on the masking tape, hee hee.
31. SK’s pickup line HAHAHAHAAHHA. “My name is SK but you can call me Tonight :)” HAHAHAHAHA.
32. Shefali and I bumping heads when she thanked me :)
33. Bullying, JC, HAHAHAHA.
34. Saw Shaun on the last day.
35. Kangling’s essay for Yerron.
36. Met up with Liting, Yaxun and Glenn for awhile after TCP camp 5 :)
37. Glenn drank all of my water..
38. Rachel just found out that Simba’s(from Lion King) mother, is a lion. She thought she was a leopard. Then Simba was born a lion because of the father’s genes, HAHAHAHA.
39. I hugged Kangling for the first time :)

I love TCP.


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