I met up with my oldest group of friends after such a long time! Agnes, Yuanyi and Zhenliang! I say oldest because we started getting together when we are free at the end of primary 6! And ‘after such a long time’ is because the last time the four of us got together was back in Dec or Jan. Seriously long, to me, haha.

Yuanyi brought her boyfriend over too. We finally met him after them being in a relationship for two years.

I played mahjong for the second time in my life.

And Yuanyi bought me stuff from her Hokkaido + Hongkong trip! A black and white mickey mouse pen and a black and white top! I know I like black and white but she is turning me into a zebra. AND I LOVE HER FOR IT. I LOVE AGNES TOO.

I know my recent posts have a lot of ‘love’. Hee hee, they are real. :)

Brazil and USA outing tomorrow. I can’t wait :D


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