My great days without pictures.

Tues, 26th of October,

I met up with Junze first and we went to Jurong East. met up with Jean, Felicia and Yanjiang! Bought tickets for Bestseller. Waited for Pink to come.

I seriously thought that Bestseller was some American flick. BUT NO IT WAS THE NO. 1 HORROR MOVIE IS KOREA. DENISE DOESN’T WATCH HORROR MOVIES. Pink and I almost died :(

We got the last row.

Okay, the entire show was epic. Zhangquan kept covering himself with his man bag and curl up onto the seat. I am still wondering how he managed that with his size! Junze also screamed and shared the bag with Zhangquan. Yanjiang screamed once when the child face turned bloody. Feli kept laughing. She went crazy.

And Jean. Ah damn cute I tell you.

Jeanette: “This is show very boring leh.”
Zhangquan: “Boring?!?! You dare to say boring?!”

I almost died. HAHAHAHAHA. AND AND Zhangquan kept cupping his ears and saying, “ah ah ah ah ah” to block out the noise, HAHAHAHA. I LIKE SITTING BESIDE HIM LOL. Front row seat to all his reactions HAHA. And we went home to get some rest before heading to the airport(previous post)

Wed, 27th of Oct,

After classes, went to AMK hub with Kangling, Yaxun, Jingshan and Wee Ern :) Jingshan, Yaxun and Wee Ern went to watch Child’s eye. Kangling and I walked around the shopping center. I watched a horror movie the day before and I am not watching two horror movies in a row. I will die. Both of us went to buy Koi. SHORTEST QUEUE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Then we went back and talked. I like talking to kangling :D Met up with the other three and accompanied them to buy Koi. Yaxun’s first time.

I love my classmates :)

Sat, 30th of Oct,

Met up with Jean, Feli, Junze and Yanjiang to print out our huge group photo! Couldn’t find a place to do that we found another solution and decided to play pool!!!! Omg, it was amazing! I forgot when was the last time I played it. Two months ago? Ah, playing with people I’ve never played with before was fun :) We kept laughing at each other. Feli helped buy food for us ‘cos she doesn’t want to play pool. She really is like a mother! We all went home while Jean went for work.

I took a nap which is really rare.

Thank you guys. My saturday wasn’t wasted because of that. GO USA.

I want to blog about my Sunday with Monica and Stan but I want the pictures to be in it too. That post will have to wait.


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