4th of Nov.

I’ll start with this first.

Was with Mandy and met up with Stan, Royston, Yvonne and Selwyn. Saw Wanfy and we shared two cabs to Lavender. It. Was. So. Packed. All one door HAHAHAHA. Stan and I entered the same door though LOL.

Then met up with Calvin and the rest. There were 3 kids there. Omg. There should be 5 ‘cos I thought Joel brought their twins too :( It’s okay, I saw them once, that’s enough. Benson came. A dog bit him HAHAHAHA.

Sent Calvin off :( :( :( :( :( Sure, I do have fun with the people around me that time. But the purpose of going to the airport wasn’t to hang out with friends. Okay, partly, like 1/5. You just don’t face the real reason so early. Ah, I don’t know what I’m saying, I bet you guys don’t, too.


Had mac :D

Went home with Stan. He laughs at damn weird things.


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