I’m back.


This week was so so so so so so so so fun.

I’m neglecting this wordpress, because I’m almost home late every night. And when I get home, I just busy myself with my new family member and it’s hard to blog there except tweet and check facebook out.

I love HD applications. I don’t get why is it twice or more as expensive. It’s just bigger in size.

Monday, celebrated Junxiong’s birthday with Glenn! Tues, Halloween at scape! :D Calvin’s farewell dinner on Wednesday. Sent Calvin off on Thursday. Marina barrage on Friday. Sat, Raffles, Plaza Sing and Woodlands.

Adventure week! Will elaborate about them in the later posts :)

I’ll blog after I get home from my father father sister’s birthday! It’s just my grandfather’s sister if you are confused, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I love all my friends. I’m going to play Ninjump HD. I. Love. It. And it’s totally free.


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