Google has been my homepage for a long time. Today, I finally realised how to customised google. I. Love. My. Homepage. Now.

HEE HEE. AND CAN YOU SEE MY MOZILLA THEME? This is the only and best reason why I love Mozilla Firefox.


Same photoshoot. And I love the colours. Matches the inside and outside of my darling laptop. My google chrome’s google page has the same background too.

Liting is going to be so proud of me, I tell you.

So, I had one of my caps-lock-on conversations with Agnes. Currently, it is quite rare ‘cos she doesn’t like to use her laptop nowadays. Trying to shut of from the connected world and become those village girl.


She is so weird, hahaha. By the way, we were talking about what we want to do with our nails. I love her.

Anyway, I came back from dinner at Imperial Sinchi Cafe. Fav chinese restaurant even though the food there isn’t that great. I just love the chairs, lol.


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