Brother comes home and sees sister crying.

Brother: “What happened?”
Sister: “He dumped me.”
Brother: “He’s going down.”

Remember this conversation going around the net? It received comments like, “I’d want a brother like that!~!~!~!~!”. So, I am not a brother, I don’t have the energy to whack people and stuff but I really want to do something about what my brother is going through.

Why is it always, my brother on the losing end? He always always gives his all, sometimes I think, it’s too much, but that’s what teenage love is about isn’t it, giving the relationship your everything, hoping everything will work out.

But every time, he ends up crying. He ends up trying to get the girl back. He ends up asking me things like ‘Jie, there is this saying that “Miracles happen is you just believe.””. He ends up believing false hope. He ends up getting hurt.

The worse part is, he doesn’t let me do anything to her. WHICH IS RETARDED ‘COS SHE HURT YOU, YOU WON’T HURT HER. SO I HURT HER.

Showed bro this pic and he’s like, “Wah, I look so cute last time ah.”

Showed sis this pic and she was like, “Ugh.” And ran away.

They cry, you die. Only I can make them cry.
Pictures are taken 5-6 years ago but they will always look like that to me. Their whoever must go through me. If I don’t approve, then sad for the whoever.

As for Stan, hmm, I WILL FILTER HIS WHOEVER ALSO. I won’t be like a filter paper. I’LL BE LIKE A CEMENT BRICK.


12 thoughts on “Bro.

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! LOOKING AT UR BLOG POST MAKE ME LAUGH. AHAHHAHA. <3 <3 <3 <3 and no energy nvm, we can back u up le. your bro is also our bro. (Y) haha :)

    And, you are awesome man, “Their whoever must go through me. If I don’t approve, then sad for the whoever.”

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