I just received the sweetest news. He’s got a girlfriend already. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. After 6 short months. Thank you, Sam, for the tip :)

I know right, it’s totally drenched in sarcasm. Like, 400 litres of it. I don’t care.

Well, today, I went to Raffles Town Club for dinner. Thank God relatives let me order the buffet. Bro and I were spamming food. I was spamming prawns, chocolate and a type of dessert where there are aloe vera and jelly in a shot glass. I think I took like 20 prawns. As for the chocolate, hmm, a brownie, 1/4 of a slice of chocolate log cake with chocolate cream inside and outside, a piece of uncle Sean’s customised chocolate for his restaurant(It’s respectful to not reject something customised). And the aloe vera, I had like, 9 cups of it. No worries, shots glasses are small. For those who don’t know, look it up. It’s cool. Like you are drinking but you are not, the content is really healthy by the way. Aloe vera cures everything.

I know the chocolate will do something to me but I wasn’t in the mood to care. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which makes you happy. I needed it.

Played Initial D with bro. Total adrenaline rush. I’ll be playing more of it. Need to learn how to turn perfectly at those sharp curves.

By the way, Mom bought two Shinee albums and Despicable Me DVD. I know right, best day ever.

I cut my nails and painted them royal blue. First dark colour on my nails. I’m liking it.

Thank you Kangling, Yaxun and Jayne :)

p/s I have thousands of pending posts.


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