Cousins from the states.

I went home right away after a project in school because father said we’re going to eat dinner with his sister ‘cos they will only be here for 2 weeks. Winter break. So yes, my aunt and uncle and cousins living in the states. Seattle? I think.




So I was totally shocked because the oldest, Bryan, who used to, I don’t know, weigh 80, 90 kilograms or something, now looking like he only weighs 50 to 60 kilos!!!!!!!!! When I saw him, I was like, mouth opened, but I had to close it because it looks weird and it is rude. LIKE, PLEASE. OMG. I was expecting a bigger size version of him. Bro even said he looks manly now, HAHAHA.

He is 16 so in the past, him, my bro and I, we used to play together before they moved to the states. We used to call him Xiangxiang, bro is dondon(I still call him that now) and I’m Xinxin. I don’t know why they have to name us like that, lol. I don’t know my cousin’s Chinese name. It can’t be Xiangxiang LOL. It’s just weird at this age.

The second one, in the orange shirt, Brandon, was just adorable. Really sociable. He has the strongest American accent among all of them! You bet I was envious. The third one, Dillion, looks like Harry Potter. He has a bit of an accent too but he speaks too softly.

Father told them once he gets more cash, he will send my bro and I over -_- Meany.

p/s Sis and Mother weren’t there ‘cos sis went to my Aunt Melody’s house while Mom went and took care ofGrandma.


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