These few days


Went to Yuanyi’s house on Monday and met up with her and Zhenliang. First time I had so much fun watching The Wheel of Fortune. Yuanyi almost went crazy trying to block out Zhenliang descriptions of Saw 4 HAHAHAHA. Zhenliang went to meet his friend after a few hours. Then, Yuanyi and I had a h2h talk and gossiped from 5 to 11. We spammed webcam photos and even created a video out of the photos LOL. Agnes couldn’t make it because she had to do a project.

Yesterday, bbq at Clement’s house with Mandy, AMY, Jasmine, Shimin, Juncheng, SK, Royston and of course Clement :) Yes, very very little people but, I don’t know, maybe because there were a few people so we are able to talk to each other in a group instead of going in our ‘groups’ so I loved it :) Great food too (Y) And I finally tried band hero. Oh, it’s addictive.

I have a lot of pending posts because I am lazy to resize the photos after uploading them in photobucket. it’s the worst part whenever I am doing a picture post.

Today is Tangyuan day. I always eat the white tangyuans first then the pink ones because there are more white ones so I would choose to save the pink ones for last and because I have this illusion that the pink ones taste better.



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