Happy boxing day.

Ah, I hope all of you had a great Christmas :)

This year’s Christmas shopping was a failure. I kept everything to the last minute.

So, for the first time ever, Bro bought me a Christmas gift. A t-shirt. So in return, I paid for his new specs frame for him. Sis got me Key’s photo card. I haven’t gave her a present yet and we just got into a fight.

Argh, remember when I said having pending posts just dampens all mood to blog? It’s truly does! Let’s count.

1. Ion with Sam and Mengfung.
2. Jean’s post birthday celebration.
3. More Kelong photos.
4. Cruise post.
5. Prawning post.

And the reason why I have so many pending posts is because I really hate resizing every single photo. Especially if I upload more than 40 photos. I have to click page 2 and because I don’t overwrite the photo, I create a copy, the photos will be pushed to the second page and because after you resize a photo, it goes to page 1, and you have to click page 2 again. It’s just irritating, really.

It’s like I want to but I’m lazy to.

Jy, me.


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