Sent Sam off in the morning with Mengfung, Jeanine and Madeline. COME BACK SOON :(

Spent my afternoon with Agnes Ang <3 Celebrated her birthday, in a way. We went to buy Glenn’s belated birthday present. Had Thai Express. I was comtemplating on buying either the Shinee themed tumbler or Starbucks’ tumbler. But besides Key’s face on the tumbler, Starbucks’ tumbler is two times bigger and less expensive by two times. So obviously, I got the Starbucks tumbler. And if I did get the Shinee themed tumbler, I don’t think I’ll bear to bring it out (in case it gets lost) or drink from it (it’ll get dirty D:). Plus, it goes well with the Starbucks shirt my bro bought :) Omg, nerdy. Matching tumbler and shirt.

I realised I said lots of the word ‘tumbler’ in the last paragraph.

So anyway, went to Yuanyi’s house. Best place to die, really. Soft toys everywhere. A comfy blanket. Messed up room but really cosy. Agnes just K.O-ed right there and then. Gave Agnes her presents.

I love those two.

Agnes’ birthday is tomorrow :)

p/s I stopped myself from buying Shinee themed poker cards. Thanks to Agnes. Hard hard hard decision.
p/p/s Played with bro’s girlfriend’s dslr for awhile today. Argh, I want one!


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