So before this year ends,

(Last 10 minutes!!!)

I resolute to make every single day count. (JUNZE’S RESOLUTION. I STOLE IT LOL.)

I’m just going to make one ‘cos I think, resolutions jinx whatever you plan on doing the following year. Like, “I resolute to hand in my homework on time.” Yes. You remember it for 1 month and after that, you continue to hand it up late. LIKE ME. Seriously, you don’t have a “I resolute to blah blah blah” appearing out of nowhere every time just to remind you unless you stick post it notes of it around the house. I salute your determination if you did/do/plan on doing it, by the way.


I’m going to do a post on the memorable things that happened in 2010 soon :) A RECAP. My wordpress is going to be a year old in January.


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