I bought books :)


It’s been very very very very very long since I immersed myself in a book. It has been even longer since I bought a book. You’re the one I don’t want by Alexandra Potter and My name is Memory by Ann Brashares. My sis chose the vamp book.

So anyway, I love books by Alexandra Potter! I love the way she writes. I’ve read two of her books. I think I’m going to get the latest one, Romeo something.

I am very slow when it comes to drama watching, book reading, etc because once I start on something, it irritates me when I get distracted. Recently, I was chasing One Litre of Tears series. I was only on Facebook for a few minutes, went onto Twitter when I cried too much. Did not go to Tumblr much and totally went mia from Msn. I’d choose to not go out and if I did have something on, there is an 80% chance of me being late.

So hmm, bwhen I’m reading a book. I’d pretend I can’t hear you. I can sit in a spot until I’m done with the book. Like, when I was reading the Twilight series, I read New Moon for 8 hours straight.

So on the whole, I switch off from the world. Literally. You use headphones to “switch off from reality/world?” But you’re still thinking about things  in your life(be it real of fantasy) while listening to the songs or certain songs, aren’t you? Books are way better. They take you out from your world and put you into theirs. It’s like a break from your life. (Do not judge or try to analyse that my life is a mess from that sentence. If you did. Seriously?!)

By the way, there are people who think that buying books is stupid and I could just borrow a book for free in the library, because most of the time, we only read a book once. It’s what most of us readers like to do so if you think buying books is a waste of money, then, okay. Your life. Besides, I only buy books that I’m sure of. So far, I don’t regret buying any of the books, comics, mangas I have now.

Books and cameras are one of the greatest inventions in life, to me :)

p/s Mom got mad ‘cos I don’t have space for those books.


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