At Fullerton’s Starbucks with Agnes now. Hee hee, watching her doing autocad makes me happy that I am not in some course which requires that software. I proposed to her and now we are married on Facebook :)

She brought her Macbook Pro. THAT MEANY :( I want one too. And the huge Mac desktop.

By the way, I have this huge collection of manga since primary school. And today, I am in Poly and I found out that most of them have been made into Animes! I just flew to heaven. Plus, I used to watch this anime on Crunchyroll before they licensed everything. It had a total of 12 episodes but they only had until episode 9 at that time. HEE HEE. I found the full version now. I’m rewatching it.

Agnes introduced me to Starbucks’ potato salad. I never thought I would actually like it.


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