The reason for the title is because it is the song I’m listening to right now, lol. By Secret.

Went to help with the distributing of balloons at 313 Somerset :) Cool experience. I think I pumped over 100 balloons. I also think I am an expert on tying balloons now. And tying them to a stick.

But there is something during that event that is getting on my nerves. The person who called me, I’m not sure if it’s a guy or girl(I think it’s a guy. I’M A FAILURE), and waved and smiled. WHO ARE YOU. I have totally no recollection of that person and that rarely happens. Okay, I can say, it NEVER happens. I remember everyone that came into my life. Even if you are just a hi-bye friend. I don’t forget people.

Can’t. Think. Of. Anybody.

I thought he was waving at someone else and I just stared at him blankly.

I promise to never ever let that happen again.


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