Went out with Tan Zhenliang today!

He brought me to Prata Planet and we had banana and cheese prata. I never thought cheese and banana could be mixed. Went around Clementi. The new mall was just like any typical shopping center.

Had Koi :D HE TOLD ME HE HATES KOI PEARLS, DAMN. Best things in the world, mind you.

He is one of the few friends I have left that calls me Xin Xin and not for fun, lol.

I’m going to get My Lucky Star from Yuanyi later :) I want to remember why I liked that show. Yes, I am on a Taiwan dramas track now, all because of Autumn concerto. But I still have a list of Korean dramas, animes and american teen series lined up. Busy busy busy. I can’t start on a web drama soon, lol. I won’t be able to leave my house and my parents will be like, “You will be glued to the chair one day.” I think I already am. I don’t want to leave my chair.

Speech Comm role play tomorrow. Anything about speech comm just spoils my mood :(


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