A goal in sight.

I have just decided to(well, two hours ago, actually) gain weight until I hit 45kg or more so that I will be able to donate blood on my birthday! :) Jingshan wanted to do it on her birthday and I did not think much about that until I figured that I am going to be 18 this year! (Yes, two hours ago) Of course I should do something meaningful.

I can’t donate during the blood donation drives in NP because they think if you are under 45kg, getting an amount of blood out of you will cause you to faint. It’s not like, I’d die. Fainting is just being asleep for a few hours. And while I am in deep slumber, my lovely bone marrow will produce more blood to replace the amount I lost.

Doesn’t our body work that way? At least I think it does.

Well, it’s just eating and eating and eating, right. No loss.

I’m going to cut my fringe tomorrow. It covers my entire face if I don’t push it to the side and it is annoying me.


14 thoughts on “A goal in sight.

  1. HAHAHAHAH WHEN’S THAT SLEEPOVER COMING???? I’m only like… 1min walk away! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! We shall feed you until you grow phat. Then you can donate blood! Yay!

    1. ‘cos now Jamie’s brother is at home, it’s hard :( I WILL ASK TOMORROW. I know you live near to her okay! The most, we sleepover at the swimming pool. HEE HEE. OKAY OKAY HEE HEE. YOU GO DONATE ALSO.

  2. HAHAHAHAH that time I tried and they said my vein was too narrow! wtf, HAHAHA so fat still have narrow vein.

    HAHAHA at most sleep in the pool.

    1. LOL. MEANS YOU SHOU LE. WOO. It means you need to exercise more. GO GO.

      LOL. She say cannot go into her house already :( ON. WE SLEEP AT THE POOL.

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