It’s been awhile since I invited someone into my house. I thought I lost the gift of smuggling someone in. Yep, after today’s ordeal, I am still a professional. Nothing but success.


She started playing with the iPad and saw Shinee’s Replay video in it.

Yuanyi: “Eh, what’s this?”
Me: “Replay by Shinee!”
Yuanyi: “Oh ya ya ya. They came out this then the next one is Ring Dong Dong.”

Ring DONG dong. REALLY?!?!?!?!? LOW YUANYI LOL.

The day was kind of productive. Kind of. Some sort. (OMG, BRO IS SINGING HELLO THIS INSTANT. NOOOO.)

Went to Harbourfront/Vivo.





And went to look at hard disks. I found this really pretty Fugitsu one(most importantly, it’s white) but it’s 750GB and I don’t think I can ever fill that up.

I’ll go back to watching Yongseo now.


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