Sleepover at Serena’s. Bigger crowd this time! 9th to 10th.

Angelina was supposed to be there :(


We all reached her house at 3 :)

1) We webcammed.
2) We watched Happy Together on Agnes’ MacPro.
3) Went downstairs to dig for food.
4) Watched Lilo and Stitch.
5) Went down stairs for dinner.
6) Went back up to watch the 2nd disc of L&S.
7) Went for Ice cream!!! Talked about our secondary school days :)


I think Serena’s the only one who looks so “awake”. Anyway, we made a pact to not sleep ‘cos Agnes had to wake up real early the next morning.

8) Went back and showered.
9) I WENT AND WATCHED THE NEW SUBBED EPISODE OF KIMI NI TODOKE. Jamie hid under the table and read her fanfiction. Serena and Agnes watched Monster’s INC.
10) I went and joined them lol. I slept lol.
11) We all went down and searched for food LOL. It’s 1 to 2am in the morning? We had mash potatoes, cup noodles, cny goodies, potato chips, wafer sticks(!).
12) Went to Serena’s room. WE MANAGED TO SQUEEZE ALL IN A ROOM.
13) Played game of Life.
14) Agnes won. I was the last :( :( :( :(
15) Talked a bit.
16) Slept at 4.30am LOL. IKR, OUR PACT.

The next morning, we all woke up earlier than the person who needed to go to work. After Agnes left, we made breakfast ourselves! (Serena’s maid left to do something). It was awesome. I hope to do it again :D

1) Had breakfast.
2) Played the piano.
3) Bathed.
4) Watched The King and I.
5) Slept.
6) Woke up and went to Serena’s room.
7) Slept again.

I was really tired. Hee hee, I got home around 7pm. I had lots and lots or fun! :D


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