Taiwan dramas.

I’m re-watching My Lucky Star and I’m at episode 18 out of 20 already! Good dramas should never have an ending but I am complaining about Ai so I can’t really admit that I would want to watch a drama that is 800 episodes long. 100 would suffice.

Anyway, I think My Lucky Star, Hi, My Sweetheart and Autumn Concerto is very alike. Halfway through the show, the girl will leave the guy for some reason that the girl knows and not the guy. Most probably is the work of an evil parent. Also, money will be involved. Oh oh oh, and the guy will end up hating the girl. A lot. Still loves her, though, in a way. But misunderstandings will be cleared and they will love each other again like it’s the beginning. Aw.

I also just realised Hi, My Sweetheart and My Lucky Star, the setting when both parties finally cleared off all misunderstandings is when a building they are in, is on fire. Wow. Way to show urgency.

This is not meant to be hateful in anyway. In fact, I love Taiwanese dramas :) They are currently the only way to improve my Chinese. Somehow, Yuanyi’s My Lucky Star DVD is not English subbed but Chinese subbed. Hence, I am proud of myself for coming this far, 18 episodes, twice.

I still have a long list of shows to watch!


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