Cycling under the rain.





Cycled for 3 hours. Saw bro and his sec 1 NCC juniors are so cuteeeeeeeeee!(They were having some weird camp all the way at ECP.) JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE 16 AND ABOVE. Most of them will stun you. Oh, like, my brother’s friends. I knew them since they were in primary school. Now, their appearances just shock me. In a good way, I mean, lol.

My slipper broke on the way back from Changi Beach so I cycled and walked barefoot :( First time in my life, I walked into a hawker center and ate barefooted. Embarrassing but it was a nice experience, though :) Bak kut teh after cycling non stop for an hour plus.

Bought a bright blue slipper which clashes with everything on me.

We had greentea snowflake ice with crushed oreos to end the day.


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