Jeanette and I agreed to not blog about Thursday. (I just checked her blog. SHE BLOGGED ABOUT IT LOL. I’m still not going to, though)

Friday, I met three lovely people for lunch at Just Acia. Yaxun, Jingshan and Kangling(I’m just putting in the order of which I had made eye contact with first). Yaxun was hilarious oh, and she suddenly decided to talk to us in A1 grade Higher Chinese. Yes, because I’m a C5 (normal) Chinese student, I didn’t understand 50% -_- It’s perfectly alright. At least now I know that kind of conversations exist.

Saturday, met up with Jingshan, Mandy and Kangling for about an hour to hand up money and forms to Jonathan for Hi-Club camp. I didn’t want to leave them but I didn’t know I would want to stay for long and I didn’t bring my ezlink card with me :( Sure, I can take the bus with whatever coins I’ve left but I didn’t bring my iTouch or earpiece so I think, I’m forgiven. Er, no, I didn’t walk to school or walk back home. Father was with me :)

Thanks to my lovely Kangling, blog views went up over 200 the day before LOL.

I missed watching Ouran High Host Club. I think the last time watched it was two to three years ago? Hee hee, Tamaki and the Twins :)

I’m hope everyone’s enjoying their holiday! I’m enjoying mine a lot :)


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