Amazing week.

I played pool with Jamie on Monday! Finally! She was damn cute ‘cos she can’t properly position her hand on the table and thus, stabling the pool stick. Too cute.

As for Tuesday, I went to Yuanyi’s house to rot. Was going through channels and we saw that Hi, My Sweetheart was on! It was the fire scene. It ended abruptly so we switched on her computer and watched the episodes until Da Lang remembered Bao Zhu. MY YUANYI IS NOT EATING WELL :(

Wednesday, mahjong at Yaxun’s house with Yaxun, Kangling, Liting and Winston. Thanks, Winston for the crash course. I miss T04.

Thursday………. Hmm, what. Did. I. Do. On. Thursday.

Today, went to Aunty’s house :) Had bird nest and it’s my first time eating bird nest that is cooked/made on the spot. I’ve always been drinking the New Moon’s bottled version. I keep the bottles :) Okay, I’m getting a little bit side tracked. I like bird nest. Especially with rock sugar. Okay, actually, I’ve never tried bird nest without rock sugar. Plus, it’s like jelly and I absolutely love jelly.

Aunty Melody’s mother-in-law’s brother owns a house full of swallows or so I’ve heard.


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