Bracelets :)



The blue one is the newest one. Got it on Tuesday :) I want more.

What I did today, I’ll post about it when Low Yuanyi uploads the 900 webcam photos we took on facebook. I thought of tagging 900 photos times 3 people just kills, lol. We made a 1 minute and 27 second video with 900+ photos :)

Hmm, recently, I’ve:

1) Stopped drinking coke. (But Junze had to spoil it, #&@*#&@(#@)
2) Stopped eating potato chips.
3) Drank at least a huge cup of water every day.
4) Started to constantly have a huge breakfast.
5) Started to bathe with cold water.
6) Thought that having a manicure before 2 camps is kind of a waste.
7) Fruits as snacks. (Actually, I have been doing that since a long time ago but I stopped for awhile ‘cos I got lazy searching for fruits to eat)

I’m getting older so I might as well start thinking about my health.

Oh, while talking to Agnes and Yuanyi at dinner, we realised something.

A lot of people wants to go on diet and usually those who says that, ends up not dieting.

Lol. Be disciplined if you want to do something.

Yuanyi lent me Fated to love you. Ah so many things to watch, so little time. Too little. I wish there were 48 hours in a day.


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