Had HI-Club camp from 8th to 10th. Some of us wanted to live the camp so badly that we did not take into account the fun we have and instead only thought of all the bad stuff they put us through. I only felt how much I liked it there when I had to leave early and experienced the FOC pre-camp on the 11th to 13th.

We don’t know how lucky we are until we experienced something worse, I learnt it the not so hard way.

I laughed way more during Hi-Club camp! I only laughed until my stomach hurt in pre-camp was when Jingshan and I were fighting for space and the blankets. Well, I do kind of like that we had a lot of free time during pre-camp.

Having the actual camp on 18th. Although it’s just a day camp, we facilitators have to stay over.

Hee hee, Denise has become the camp-y type :) I’m kidding. If you were to throw me into some camp where I don’t know anyone, I’d rather eat peas. For 30 seconds.



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