Quanny’s birthday :D






Friday was a great day!! Pool with Junze, Felicia and Adelyn while waiting for Zhangquan and Jeanette(She’s only coming for a short while)! I. Love. Pool. Had one serious match with Junze. Hee hee, I forgot who won.

Quanny came and then Jean! Walked to Taka to find Adelyn who was buying the birthday cake. We gave him all the gifts in front of the fountain! He was so happy, it made everything worthwhile :D He calls them his ‘Virgin presents’ LOL.

Zhangquan: “I can tell my parents I got friends already.”

He’s the popular type, like, a-lot-of-people-knows-him, popular, by the way.

Adelyn left with her friend for an art exhibition and Jean left for Hougang. The 4 of us went to bowl :) Junny left and Feli, Quanny and I went to Mac for h2h.

I didn’t know Quanny was so deep.


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