@ the loft during FOW.


Night 1. Huiling, Jingshan and I.


Night 2. Ken(Bao dong LOL!!!!!), me, Huiling and Huiting.


Blue is my favourite colour. Chip is here :D



I’ll update more about Freshmen Orientation Week. Apart from the day camp, the times at loft were one of the most awesome moments!

I miss my freshies. I saw Yunyi(She asked if there are watercoolers in NP. Too cute!), Sarah and Madihah today. I didn’t want to stop hugging them :( Felicia messaged to tell me she missed me. Siewhuey messaged to tell me where ABM guy was. Jorden said I’m nice and awesome(WHAT A FAR CRY FROM WHAT HE SAID AT THE CAMP LOL). Leeteng(Baodong aka Ken) is a nice person too. I MISS EVERYONE FROM CETO.


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