Ceto. New loves.

Huiting’s CQT.

Mandy’s lovely watch.

Felicia, Yu An, Madihah, Dawn, me and Germaine.

Aw, Ceto’s two girls who clicked really well.

Our seniors from CMC!

Baodong and Huiling :D


I love this photo, it’s a pity it’s blurred :(

Day 1 was hard ‘cos we didn’t know each other well. I’m really glad we all got really close and had dinner together on day 3! I never thought I would even be a group leader in my entire life, well, since I am totally not the leader type to begin with. Ceto freshies boosted my confidence when they said I’m an awesome one! :D

Siewhuey, Dawn, Madihah, Angela, Wenwen, Yu an, Sarah, Ismawati, Felicia, Xinhui, Jordon, Yunyi and Germaine. I’m really happy I got to know everyone! I thought I got stuck with one of those groups that couldn’t get high. I was so wrong. Staying up until 3am to write my feelings towards them, didn’t regret it one bit.

Ken played a huge part in the entire bonding thing. I am glad he was my partner for Ceto!

I’ll be posting my collection of guy freshies next LOL! I got really shameless during the week, alright.


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