My afternoon.

I woke up at 11 plus(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Suddenly remembered I have to get brochures for Health Psychology. Called my father up to bring (‘cos it closes at 12.30 and it’s already 12) and we went to Bukit Merah Polyclinic.

Turned out it was closed. I WASN’T EXPECTING A PUBLIC HOLIDAY THAT HAPPENS ONLY EVERY 5 YEARS. It’s like, being blur when Jirachi wakes up every 1000 years and you don’t know what to do with her/him. You know, the pokemon that looks like a star? I bought every Pokemon movie there is.

Since I have school and it closes so early on Saturdays, doesn’t open on Sundays and Public holidays, I am guessing I will not be visiting any polyclinics FOR LIFE. The youths who goes there is probably only, I don’t know, 1 percent? I only went to the polyclinic in my life, for a blood test. (It’s only testing my sugar level, no worries.)

In the car:

Me: “All my psychology teachers are nice.”
Father: “Nice?! You mean exceptionally nice.” (He made them sound like fakers)
Me: “Yes?”
Father: “But not as good as your father!”
Me: “Ah, yes.”
Father: “Wow, you react fast ah.”
Me: “Ah, of course.” (He thinks that I will say that my psychology teachers are better.)
Father: “But they are better than your mummy!”
Me: “Ah, okay.”
Father: “Hahahaha.”

Lol, wts.


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