Sakura buffet with family on Saturday night.





My favourite app in iphone 4!

Went for Sakura Buffet with the entire maternal side of my family! If you know me, yes, I went straight for the cold prawns(10 plus) and bowl of soy sauce. I asked for grilled prawns(2). I took a plate of chilli prawns(8). It was a huge prawn buffet!!!! To me. But well, as for the chilli prawns, I only had one because first, I can’t take spicy food. Second, I wasn’t expecting it to be that spicy. And third, because grilled and chilli prawns were cooked instead steamed, their shells were harder to peel off.

I am going to learn to eat with their shells now. Cereal prawns are not counted. Everybody eats them with their shells on.

And after dessert, I took another plate of cold prawns(10) and soy sauce again. Omg, it was like, I went up to prawn heaven. But all the prawns were dead and cooked.

So worth getting allergic to! Maybe if I eat more, I will stop getting allergic to prawns. When that day comes, I will go for an actual prawn buffet. All the types of prawns will be there. ALL.

I had other food too. Please don’t actually think I went for a prawn buffet instead of a Sakura buffet, lol. I had the fakest Buddha Jump Over the Wall, ever. Abalone, sharks fin(I don’t eat sharks fin anymore, by the way), etc became Oysters, ham, etc. But great tasting soup, though :)


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