Kungfu Panda 2!





My new passport holder(only $2!) and notebook! Got these at Suntec City after watching Kungfu Panda with my family on Friday.

The notebook only costs $4.90 so it made me felt a teensy bit regretful about buying the notebook from Artbox for 6 times the price. But then again, the Artbox notebook has an organiser that this book doesn’t have.

Kungfu Panda 2 was great! Po was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute as a baby! So fat. The part where they showed Po’s mother hiding him into a box of radishes and then distracting the wolves away almost made me cry. I tear at nobleness.

Watched episode 1 to 3 of Boys Over Flowers on KBS channel only made me want to watch the entire series again. The only thing stopping me from loading it is because I have the entire dvd set. It gives me the mind set that “I can watch it anytime”. I must not watch anything on the computer at this time.

If I do, I can only graduate in 2020.


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