Orchard Central



Bought these on Sunday at Orchard Central. My entire family went there because Demi wanted to get some cupcake things. Donovan and I had nothing much to do anyway. I know, I haven’t used the notebook I bought before and I bought another one. YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH THE QUOTE! It was like, telling me “If you don’t buy me, you will forget about this quote and then, you will never know the true value of  a moment.”

I don’t want to regret not remembering to treasure my moments, okay! :(

And it is white. What a pretty colour.

Monday, dinner with ex hi-club class, 1F. I surround myself with people who make me happy. Went home with Mandy and we walked around one of the estates at Tiong Bahru for two times. I am thankful for Mandy Mok :) Only left that place at 11.30 so because we live close, I’m able to reach home before 12.

I am still trying to find time for school work, friends and myself. It’s like, I can only choose two but I want to find a balance between all three. I have to.


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