At the chalet in Pasir ris! Felt nice to be an Eastie for 3 days but I am forever loyal to the South.




She is like a bestfriend, in a way. How nice when your cousins can be like that. A picture with her is my laptop’s wallpaper not without a reason.


All the people below 18 years old! I’m surprised we are all able to fit in here.


I forgot to take a picture of it so I Googlemapped it. YES, THAT IS THE PLACE. The parking lane was just nice for 3 cars too. I rotted there for the entire day. It was such a nice place to rot too. Aircon for both levels. I only left the place to bring the two little ones to the beach(I have resigned to fate as a baby seater).

Went to have steamboat with Kangling, Yaxun, Jayne, Liting, Glenn, Winston and Jianxiong the next day! I kept eating the pork. It’s the best food there! I think out of $18, I ate $12 worth of pork. I can’t eat beef and the chicken is so tough that I’d rather eat rocks.

Went back to the East, trying to make it back for the barbeque only to find that it is over and all they left me was this plate of bbq prawns. I don’t only eat prawns, alright! But how much I love them. I seasoned the stingray before I went out and I was expecting those! (Turned out my mother brought home like 10. I had them for lunch yesterday)

Being at chalets is like, a must for my holidays. Next up is Turi beach on the last week.

I jump back pretty quickly!


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