Really hectic holiday. With my time being spent on doing all the things I am doing now, I’ll fall sooner or later.

I won’t let myself fall, though. Sure, those activities take up my time but from what I think, they benefit people and myself more than harming the people around me and myself.

(Just went to my blog and found out that I have not posted properly for a week!) (Mom is being annoying)

Met this new group of friends whom I think are really nice. Although we knew each other through business related things, they are different somehow, I can’t exactly pinpoint how different they are. Maybe because we meet through different settings? Call me naive or something else to think they are ‘acting nice’ because of me joining them, they will benefit.

Truthfully, I don’t really care. As long as I feel benefited and they are too, I’m at peace. And I am not exactly the type where I give you 50%, I expect you to give me 80% back. I’d expect some things back but 20%-30% is enough. It’s only human and I am not a saint.

I love Poly. I love Famine Camp 2011. I love my secondary school friends who actually made an effort to meet up with me. I love my primary school friends. Oh, I wish I was close to my kindergarden friends but maybe next time. I’ll try to patch the chasm back. One way or another and if I have the time and motivation to actually do that.

I think it is the alcohol(a really tiny amount) talking. Went to a bar for the first time! And I am able to tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue now. Have to thank Junze for ordering that drink with a cherry in it but I won’t, hahahaha.

Went to google “cherry stem knot meanings” because I remembered some myths linked to it. RETARDED MYTHS HAHAHA.


2 thoughts on “:)

    1. AWWW. I missed you, Deniseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A lot a lot! I KNOW RIGHT LOL. GU JUNPYO. I’M WATCHING IT TONIGHT.

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