Transformers with Jessie, Kris and Daniel!

Weird occasion. Uploading photos into Photobucket was extremely fast. (After I said this, the loading of photos in the editor has not even a little progress. I am never praising Photobucket again)

On Friday, met Daniel first ‘cos Kris and Jessie ended class late. I thought he was those Town-people but he was worse than me. Was supposed to go to Wheelock but he brought me to Heeren. I followed him in because I thought he wanted to get something. Hahahahaha. I only managed to remember the specific places in Town after going at least 20 times.

Met them in Wheelock and then to Vivocity.

I had prawn pasta with cream sauce! Where did they get the prawns from? They are freaking huge and juicy. And a bottle of root beer :)

My first time going out with a couple, hee hee :D

Daniel didn’t want to smile because his eyes will become small, hahahahaha.


Jessie’s eyes are damn cute LOL. Almost nothing when she smiles. Kris’ face still so round, tsk tsk.

Bought a Uniqlo parka :) Our movie started at 9.05pm. Sneaked Gongcha(mine’s honey lemon) in. I still prefer Koi, by the way. Transformers (I think it’s the most action-packed movie out of all the action packed movies I’ve ever seen) was almost 3 hours!!! It got kind of draggy.  Just a little.

All photos are from Jessie’s camera :)


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