I am so proud of myself.

I am beginning to feel very proud of myself! I forgot since when, but I have started to gain like, this huge amount of courage. Seriously huge. I was this really shy, timid, scared of taking risks, kind of girl in primary school and secondary school. In poly there’s this boost of confidence!

I took risks like, being the one to initiate a conversation first and keep it going until that person chooses to stop or something. Prevent awkward silences. I used to wait for people to talk to me, approach me, and if they don’t care about keeping the conversation up, I won’t either. How wrong was I back then.

There’s nothing wrong with making an effort! If the person does not appreciate it, then you’d know he/she is not worth your time. At least you get a definite answer instead of a vague one that leaves questions in your head. You have to at least try to see if he/she is worth it or not.

I now live by taking risks and at least, knowing what the other party thinks. It’s freaking irritating and dangerous if you guess what a person is thinking without confirming it and then you get all those wrong ideas. If you try, it might turn out different from what you expect.

For some reason, after walking this path, I always get the reactions I want. The people around me are such nice people!

True story:

I added this old friend on facebook. He accepted but I’m not that sure he just randomly accepted me or really remembered me. (See the question there?) Well, I had to do something to confirm it. Waiting for him to tell me might be another 10 years and I will be stuck with the question for 10 years. And if he doesn’t remember me, at least I got a definite answer so I won’t keep thinking “what if”. So I messaged him.

HE TOTALLY REMEMBERS ME! HAHAHA. Even when he used to know me by my Chinese name, he said he knew my Christian name! Not many people in my primary school knows. Thanks for making my night better! :D

I have not seen him for almost 9 years after he moved away. Caught up quite well. The conversation ended already but I can see he did put effort in it!

If you see this, thank you, Jonathan Choo :D

I got the reaction I wanted :)

So I hereby urge people to not be afraid of taking risks and just stand there and wait for things to happen. It’s the dumbest idea ever. Things will happen they way you want it if you just make the effort. Even if you don’t get it, at least you know you tried and won’t be left wondering and full of regrets. I only live by one quote:

Live life with no regrets.

Get rid of all the “what if”s questions. You’ll live life better, I say :)


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