I knew there was some reason why I wouldn’t get into a relationship with close friends. I just feel super uncomfortable with it. One day you can keep scolding this person like nobody’s business and he won’t take it to heart ‘cos he knows you’re joking. That to me, as a form of being really close. Then if you get together, you have to watch your words ‘cos some things you say will hurt him.

It won’t be as fun anymore, if that’s the case. You can ask him to go and die and he will tell you to go and die back. But once you get in, it will be like, “Oh, so you want me to die? Is that what you really think?”. Not only for him, I will think that way too. I won’t like it if he insults me out of nowhere just for fun, lol.


Ah, it’s a two-way thing. I don’t know if I explained my view right. You can ask me face to face about it. I will explain it better, plus, I absolutely love these kind of conversations! My horoscope agrees with me too :)


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