Really random things.


We were trying numbers 1 to 8! School’s great for me :)



Got it as a random gift and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a coin pouch but I don’t like separating my money. Thought about putting my keys in it but why should my keys have a pouch and a LV one at that. It shall rot in my home.




Another set of Demi’s miniature stuff. It’s for ice-cream. We have a huge shelf for her collection. I think it’s good that she has a hobby of collecting those. I collect CDs :) Mostly movies, some dramas, albums. The only group that’s expanding is the Movie group. Eh, no, I should say the only group that is not expanding is the Album group. I bought 3 dramas over the past month :)

I watched the last episode of BOF on KBS last night. I fell for GJP all over again, hahaha.

I just found another behavior of Craig to write about for my essay! I was stuck at that part for a few days.

Thank you, Felicia and Kangling for the charger! I don’t know how to thank you guys properly. I will think of something :)


6 thoughts on “Really random things.

  1. can the thing rly make mini ice cream?

    also, who gave you the pouch! ahhaha. some guy chasing you? :p you know.. i have a coin pouch.. i don’t put coins in my wallet, it spoils my wallet i feel. so my coin pouch in my wallet is empty.. it’s a bit of a hassle but at leasy my wallet isn’t out of shape.. yours might come in handy!

    1. LOL!!! ‘cos my sister is crazy about the clay making and konapun stuff so she bought those mini things to ‘display’ her work.

      HAHAHAHAHAH NO NO NO HAHAHA. Is my aunt! She started going brand crazy after she bought a 1.8k LV bag. Now all she talks about is LV, Coach, Burberry, ALL THOSE!!!

      :OOO Yeah, it’s a bit of a hassle. I have a friend who puts his money in a small box! Hmm, maybe I will use it soon! My wallet a bit out of shape……….. Lol.

      1. ohh yea konapun!! super nice to play with la! i always wanted to try.. haha.. have u played w it before?

        ohh haah wow.. a lil insane eh.. :/ well maybe she just wants to enjoy her money now aft workin so hard..

        haha put in a box lol tts funny

  2. No :( You have to buy it from blogshops then import it from Japan or something :( My sister bought another type. It is edible and have flavours one lol. Like sweets! Yeah, guess so, lol.

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