New addition to the techno family!

But first, I’ll post up the pictures I took when Kangling, Mandy, Jingshan and I went to Macdonalds for chocolate melts on Thursday!




Haha, no chocolate melts ‘cos we got a bit messed up about the dates. It only comes out on Friday, lol. Not a big disappointment, being out with the three of them is enough.

Well, I had my first chocolate melts yesterday and it’s not that bad. I kind of prefer cinnamon melts but the fight is really tough. Like, cinnamon got 51% of the votes and chocolate got 49%.





Canon EOS 20D body and Tokina 28-70 f/2.8 lens! Both the body and lens came out before 2004 but they are still really good! Dreams do come true! HAHAHA. I’m ready to go backpacking! Kidding, I need to invest in more lenses.

The lens is damn heavy, it weighs 600g so don’t expect me to carry it around everyday. Pictures I took with it yesterday:

This is not very good.

First few times with it so sorry for the darker than dark lighting. But I like this picture :) Ninghuan looks so innocent.

FAVOURITE PICTURE OF YESTERDAY. It was on manual mode and I forgot how I adjusted it but I really love it! I like how the focus is on my sister’s hand and Ninghuan’s body is a blur.


When Uncle Boon was showing us pictures he took from Turi Beach. I’m still waiting for him to upload the photos into Flikr.

Photos taken this morning:


I don’t like the lighting. I don’t like the entire picture, actually, lol.

Okay, I need more training. Especially with the manual mode. Favourite and the most hardest mode.

I am a little bit not used to this ‘cos I always take macro pictures of things and they always turn out the way I want them too. I have to learn to not stay so close and take the kind of pictures I want. I’ll still continue to love my beautiful white T70.

I’m a technology freak. I never had a more satisfying feeling from buying techonogy than clothes. I’m waiting for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to come out. And I think it is hell time to actually insert the data card into iPad 1. No point paying a few hundred more for a 3g one and end up using it as a wifi version. (YES! I have been using it like the wifi one ever since we got it when its actual status is the 3g one >( )

I’ll continue my Health Psychology essay after I bathe.


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