My walk from Northpoint to Grandma’s house.

I’ll blog about my week in the next post. This is just a short one about this really random thought in my head so bare with me.

So after splitting ways with Kangling at Yishun interchange, I walked to my Grandmother’s house. Probably around five to ten minutes? Maybe shorter, I don’t know.

So I was thinking about this particular thing and I found myself forcing myself not to smile. So I bit my lips. Hmm, how do I express how I did it. Oh yes, look at Glenn’s profile pic. I made them in a straight in to stop myself from smiling or laughing.

I dare not fathom what my face look liked. It’s like, smiling + forcing yourself not to smile + making sure no one is looking at you, all mixed in one so my face had this really weird look?! Well, my fringe was too short to cover up my embarrassing look and the wind was totally going against me. I know! It chose this time to blow all hair, in one direction, out of my face when usually it just makes it turn into the bride of Frankenstein’s hair.

Yeah so the reason for all the stupid urge to laugh was that I was thinking I sometimes describe my friends in my blog like, “My dearest Kangling”, “My lovely Jingshan” and “My cutey Mandy”, things like that. I was imagining those on a guy’s blog. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know so I started picturing this guy’s blog and talking the way I talk.

I am Ben. PRETEND OKAY. So his blogpost goes a little like this:

“So today, I went out with my Dearest Tommy, lovely Gerald and handsome Harry.” (HAHAAHAHHAHA NOW I AM LAUGHING AT THE NAME “HANDSOME HARRY” INSTEAD, HAHAHAHA.)

Is it really weird? I kept laughing to myself about this but now as I type, the moment flew and it’s not as funny as when I first thought about it. Maybe people might label “Ben” as gay or something. It’s sad, how they can’t always link a nice adjective to the person they care about.

Alright, I’m done here :) I like thoughts that make me laugh or smile when I am alone. Thoughts, not memories.


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