Week 14.

By Glenn’s 60D.


Glenn’s macbook pro. At the attic. It was after we finished health psychology essay so we weren’t in the work-mood. Check out our videos at facebook :)



Sleepover at Serena’s house with Mandy for some hardcore signing! But we were more hardcore in taking pictures of ourselves, I think. Slept at 2am because Mandy and I had personality and individual differences’ lecture the next morning at 9 :( We were late, btw, hahahahahaha.

Wasn’t expecting I’d have sleepover in the middle of school week.

Hi-club closing ceremony’s meeting on Saturday.
Liner’s iphone and taken with Mandy’s Nikon Coolpix P300(?).


Went to the library to watch Hotel for Dogs. The librarians asked us to leave and there was 20 minutes more of the movie!!!! Do you know how exasperating it is to not catch the end of a movie?! :( Well, it wasn’t that bad considering it is just a children comedy (Yes. I just did a search on it and it says it’s a children comedy) but if it was some detective show with all the suspense, I will go crazy.

Winston bought an iTouch 4. FINALLY. SOMEONE IN T04 WHO HAS THE PUDDING CAMERA APP. I rarely see Junze’s iphone nowadays so thank God for Winston’s iTouch. Now both of them forbids me from using their phone/itouch.


On Sunday, prawning with Kangling, Winston and Jianxiong. 60$ for 6 prawns. Then dinner at Tiong’s Ajisen with the same group and Mandy.

That sums up my week. I only included the fun parts. You wouldn’t want to know about what I did during project meetings, would you? Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, I wouldn’t want to know, lol.

I love the new raspberry cookies sold in NP’s subway. I love berries a lot more than chocolate.


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