Out of my league.


Went to Bukit Merah Library to study :) It’s really conducive there! 10am to 3pm. Had to go home ‘cos I got hungry.

Of course, I didn’t just study there. Was caught up in a book by Lisa Schroeder; The Day Before; great book! I read her I Heart You, You Haunt Me a few years back and I love her style! She writes in verses ‘cos it’s more emotional. So I read a bit and did my notes then read a little bit more. It acts as a form of motivation for me to study faster and better.


Oh, God.
The way he says it.
It’s like bad news is coming.
Don’t say it.
Don’t tell me I can’t stay.

Don’t be like them
thinking you know
what’s best for me.
Don’t be like them.


“You are beautiful.”


(Lisa Schroeder, The day before)

He scoots close to me.
His hand reaches out
and tucks a piece of my hair
behind me ear.
His eyes reach out to me
trying to reassure me.
Or maybe himself.

him: I’m pretty sure bring with you is the most restful place I can be.


(Lisa Schroeder, The day before)

Aw. Yep. That’s how she writes it. I wanted to borrow another book by her but it’s another ghost romance like the first one and a lot thicker.

I borrowed the 3rd volume of Airhead; Runaway and more Lisi Harrison’s The Clique books!


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