My week and a new iphone :)

I forgot when I did this but I had to put 3 layers ‘cos it’s an awfully pale pink. Colour of pink opal, my birthstone.

Tuesday, had a sleepover at Serena’s. It’s more like a study-sleepover ‘cos we just kept studying from morning until night where we went to West Coast Plaza(I MISSED YOU, WEST COAST PLAZA) and had dinner at Xinwang! Bought a cup of iced blended mocha(I MISSED YOU, COFFEEBEAN AT WCP) and 2 packs of sushi to her house :)

Wednesday, Matthew came over, at least Serena wouldn’t be alone. I was nice enough to accompany Nic to take his driving theory test(?). Whatever test it was, he was so freaking nervous but in the end, he came out with a 49/50 so the anxiety was totally uncalled for. He said my future is not that bleak, thank you. Came back to Serena’s house and had our sushi!

Thursday, met Kris, Nic and Jiaying for lunch. Chicken rice feast at Ayer Rajah(I MISSED YOU, AYER RAJAH)! Then we went to Ice-cream Frenzy :) … THEY HAD SEASALT ICE-CREAM, OMG TIMES TEN. The Hokkaido one still tastes better but at least they have it. Played ipad games like we didn’t have exams the next day.

Friday, Health Psychology exam(I MISSED YOU, T04). I confirmed my really really bleak future. Thank you, TK for the encouragement. Went home early and studied a little before going to get this:



Parents told me to use it like an iTouch with data plan because I don’t want to change my number. What a waste of an iphone 4(DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I AM WASTING IT PLEASE :( ) but it’s not their fault I don’t want to change my number. I don’t want to message people that I’m changing my number just to tell them I’m using back the old one like, two months later; plan’s ending soon. Plus, my plan has no data plan. WHICH IPHONE DOESN’T HAVE A DATA PLAN. Sorry, a little stereotype there.

Wallpaper is 4 black and white pictures of Mandy and I :) I finally have pudding camera!!! HA HA HA.


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