The Waiyee Files.

Went to Jamie’s bbq at Monterey Park condo last night. I heart the food her mom prepares. The best cook among all my friends’ moms. The top on my list is still my ah ma., no one will ever be able to top her. Went there around 6 and Jackie was already there. A lot of people declined because they wanted to study for exams; I’d rather go Jamie’s house, really.

Along the way, I discovered sides of Waiyee.

Okay, first, the Cheapo Waiyee:


Funny Waiyee(VERY CRUEL WAY). Our smses:

Me: “5 plus :) YOU?”
Waiyee: “Okay same time then!”
Me: “You go at 3pm and cook my dinner :)”
Waiyee: “You can eat the grass and drink the swimming pool water.”


Liar Waiyee:


Nice Waiyee:

‘cos she was celebrating Xueyi’s birthday :)+ she fishbone braided my hair :)


Greedy Waiyee:

Brought up a chicken wing for me only to eat it because she had one and it tastes really good.

Sleepy Waiyee:

SHE FELL ASLEEP AND LEFT ME ALL ALONE :( Okay, not really. I joined Jamie and Jackie to watch How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless is so cute!

*No pictures because she deleted all of the pictures I took of her sleeping.

Pervert Waiyee:

SHE KEPT TOUCHING MY WAIST. And there were other perv stuff but I shall leave it out ‘cos my blog is rated G.

Okay, that’s all. I’ll add more if I found out more next time but I think the list will get even worse than this.


I love you, Fat one. She calls me Fat pig, okay.

Thank you, Jamie, for having us over. I missed her too! She gets prettier and prettier every time I see her :) My only regret at the bbq: I only had one prawn ‘cos her mom knows I am allergic to shellfish :( The prawns were damn fat and juicy too.


3 thoughts on “The Waiyee Files.

  1. OI HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BEST POST EVERRRRRRRR. And I didn’t go for the free food okay. hmph. Plus i didn’t delete the photos, i just didn’t upload them. ;)

    1. YOU SAID IT ‘COS IT’S ABOUT YOUUUUUU. Of course, you came for me :) I’ll put your sleeping photos in one of the biggest galleries next time ;)

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