I need to clear something. Fangirlling.

I am not a fan girl. I don’t like it when people take my those in-a-moment actions and assumes that I am a die hard fan girl. Worse, people who looked through my wallet, especially guys (there is this thing with some guys and girls’ wallets. They always take it when they are bored and scan through everything), they see my 11 pictures of Shinee and Lee Minho and will say “Wow, I never thought that you are the fan girl type.”

That’s because I am not?! If buying those means I am a fan girl then they obviously do not know what actual fan girls do.

Do I go to Shinee concerts? No. Do I buy their posters and stick them on my wall? No. Did I went and pick them up from the airport? No. Do I go for their fan meets? No. Do I go crazy over a lock of their hair? No. Do I pick up their used tissues? No. (I know someone kept Justin Timberlake’s or Britney Spears’ used tissue) Do I spend hundreds of dollars on their merchandise? No. Do I have all of Shinee albums? No. I only have one and I will explain later. Do I have all of Lee Minho’s dramas? No. Do I wait 12 hours for them to arrive at some concert? N-O, NO.

I only have 11$ worth of their pictures. 1 laminated picture is just 1 buck. So when people see it, they will go, “Omg, you spent 11$ on these?!” Yeah. ONLY THOSE. ONLY.  They make it sound like those are just the tip of the ice berg when it is only an ice-cube.

So let me make it clear that I get infatuated with the male leads of dramas really really easily. The male leads; the characters not the actual person. So you see, if the character is real with the looks and all? That would be a different story but I perfectly know that the characters are just being acted out. IF YOU DON’T FALL FOR THE MALE LEADS, THE DRAMA MUST BE REALLY LOUSY. City Hunter, did you fall for Lee Yoonsung? Winter Sonata, di dyou fall for Bae Yongjun? Dream High, did you fall for Samdong? Autumn Concerto, did you fall for Ren Guangxi? Raymond Lam would not be this famous if all his roles are not those the-perfect-guy roles.

So, I don’t like Lee Minho, I like Gu Junpyo. Don’t tell me you didn’t fall Gu Junpyo’s character in the drama series ‘cos if not, his fan base would not be freaking huge. But is Gu Junpyo a real person? No. So I bought the Lee Minho’s cards ‘cos Gu Junpyo’s face is him, got it? So when Lee Minho comes to Singapore, will I go? NO. Lee Minho came, not Gu Junpyo.

And remember I said infatuated? You know what it means, don’t you? It’s some short lived love thingy. You go crazy for a moment then after awhile, it dies. I will say tons of foolish stuff at those moments. To be a fan girl, your love for them can’t be short lived. They support them all the way.

Okay, I just finished Dream High. I like Song Samdong played by Kim Soohyun. So now in my head, all I’m thinking of is I will buy Dream High’s DVD, I will buy Kim Soohyun’s first album, etc. But the DVD is only coming out in September and I doubt I will buy it because it’s going to be expensive and I can wait a year for the price to drop. As for Kim Soohyun’s first album, I like his voice but what if the songs are not nice? I won’t buy an album I won’t listen to, that’s just weird. As for his actual character, he seems a bit cold and not as cute as Samdong.

Key. Must explain, some people just don’t get it. I don’t intend to marry Key, I don’t expect him to know me, I don’t buy him gifts to show him that I love him. I like Key’s character after watching Hello Baby (It’s Shinee’s reality tv show so their actual characters are not that far off). I like his straightforwardness, not lying in the face of people, doing his best in everything(He’s the only person in Shinee who can dance, sing and rap), caring for the people around him. Aren’t those characteristics something to admire about? I didn’t know admiring people means becoming a fan girl. I don’t stalk him, I don’t buy stuff with his face on it like tumblers, or cups, my blanket is not his face so really, stop, calling me a fan girl.

My animated actions, are just to make people laugh. I don’t know, people laugh whenever I go all crazy over someone and say the most ridiculous things. BUT those are real and not purposely intended, because like I said, it’s those in-a-moment things. I do go crazy for awhile. A fan girl’s job is hard, they have to keep up with their biases lives, when they are sick, tell them get well soon, when they are dating some girl, they cry or continue supporting them. I do not have the time and energy to be a fan girl. ‘sides, my self esteem is too high for that. I don’t like the fact that I know them and they don’t know me and waiting hours for them is insane! They don’t even know me.

Are you a fan girl or if you need to know what fan girls do, follow whatfangirlsdo. I don’t even do any of the things they mentioned.

p/s I don’t discriminate against fan girls, I just hate being accused of something I didn’t do. That’s just about, the worst feeling ever. Especially when they are the ones doing it and they say that you are. Projection. It’s just like you’re flirting and you say I’m flirting. Nice, real nice.

p/s DREAM HIGH DVD IS ALREADY OUT. 49.90 is madness. Drop price, drop :)


4 thoughts on “I need to clear something. Fangirlling.

      1. THAT’S JUST CREEPY! AND HE IS WITH JANDI ALREADY K. DON’T ANYHOW. HAHAHHAHAHA. BUT AWWWWWWW, if reality really have junpyo this kind i will punch him then let him like me~ AHAHAHHA. AHHHH. GJP~~~~

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